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Specimen Transportation

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We are pleased to present the Laboratory User's Guide (eLUG) .  The purpose of the guide is to provide information about our laboratories and a comprehensive test catalog with information regarding specimen collection and handling.

We value your suggestions and look forward to working with you.  Please feel free to call us or members of our Laboratory Customer Service Center at (313) 916-LABS (5227), if you need assistance.

In the event of a Downtime, test requistions can be found here.

Blood/Body Fluids Specimens
Tissue/Cytology Specimens
Phlebotomy Instructions
    To order cards for patient area
  1. Visit the Digital Print store and sign in with CorpID here
  2. Search "Lab Services" in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the card, select continue.
  4. Enter your quantity and cost center and finalize your order.
Recent Test Catalog Changes



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