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Specimen Transportation


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Help with Specimen Handling, Transportation, Labeling
Requirements for specimen submission...(more)
Where is the test catalog, a.k.a. Lab User's Guide, test lookup feature?
If you are looking for the test lookup application that formerly appeared in the main window of the Laboratory User's Guide website it is accessible from the left navigation menu on every page under "Test Catalog"...(more)

Problems with Results Reporting
Please let us know about any problems you are having with lab results.
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Search feature magnifying glass
Please use the new search feature to search the contents of the Laboratory User's Guide website. The tab marked "search" in the row of tabs toward the upper right of each page will search for one word, an "or" combination of words, an "and" combination of words, a phrase, or a soundex/phonetic search to find terms that sound like the word you submit.
Lab Tests Online
External source to look up additional information on tests...(more)
Consultation information.
Submit a question for inclusion into our F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)
(If your question hasn't been answered in our existing F.A.Q. )


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