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Specimen Transportation



Q. Do I need to submit an ICD code with my specimen?

A. Receipt of an appropriate ICD code ensures correct billing for your patient's specimen. Without an appropriate ICD code the specimen will not be processed in a timely manner.

Q. I need information on a specific test. How do I find it?

A. Use the test catalog. Select "testing catalog", the last item on the menu at the left.

Q. What information is required to correctly label a patient specimen?

A. For patient safety, each specimen container must have a label firmly affixed to the container, not the container lid or biohazard specimen transport bag, which contains the following minimum information:

  • Patient’s full name (last name, first name);
  • Patient’s medical record number;
  • Date of specimen collection;
  • Time of specimen collection (time sensitive specimens); and
  • Specimen description or anatomic site of the specimen (non-blood body fluids, microbiology, cytology and surgical tissue specimens).

Properly labeled specimen(s) must be accompanied by a laboratory requisition (lab tag or electronic order) containing the following information:

  • Patient’s full name (last name, first name);
  • Patient’s medical record number;
  • Suffix (outpatients)
  • Date and time of specimen collection;
  • Source or site of specimen (non-blood body fluids, microbiology, cytology, and surgical tissue specimens);
  • Preoperative and postoperative diagnosis and clinical history (cytology and surgical tissue specimens);
  • Test(s) requested;
  • Collector identification;
  • Patient location;
  • Ordering physician name and doctor code (senior staff only); and
  • ICD diagnostic code (OPD charges and IPD professional charges).

Q. Why was my specimen rejected?

  • Specimens must be collected in proper containers. 
  • Outdated containers may not be used. 
  • Samples that are improperly labeled or stored may not be processed. 
  • Specimens may need to be rejected for quality purposes if the quantity is not sufficient, or if the sample is clotted or hemolyzed.

Q. I've run out of forms and supplies, who can I call?

A. Please use the menu to the left to select forms and supplies. You may print out the forms you need. You may also call our Laboratory Services Center at (313) 916-LABS [5227] or (313) 916-2301

Q. I've found a problem or omission on the Laboratory Users' Guide website. Who can I contact?

A. Please click on the "contact webmaster " link at the bottom of any page to send the webmaster a question or comment.

Q. Why do I receive calls from the laboratory on my patient's critical results? What results are called to me?

A. Laboratory testing provides important information for patient care decisions. Some laboratory values have been defined as "critical" when this information indicates an abnormality that requires immediate attention. The laboratory makes every attempt to contact the responsible party. Critical values can be found within the Result Reporting menu at left as well as by clicking on the word "critical" anywhere on this page.

Q. What if the test I am looking for is not listed in the catalog?

A. If you cannot find a test in the catalog, please refer to the Clinical Evaluation and Technical Assessment Committee (CETAC) page for a "New Test Proposal Form" and instructions for submitting a request for a new test to be made available. Additionally, you can check to see if the test has been reviewed in the Test Approval Status spreadsheet also found on the CETAC page.

Last Modified: Wednesday, July 12, 2023 3:05 PM

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